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ClinicStaff2…is your guide for dramatically improving patient and staff experiences, and the practice’s bottom line.  You will be guided step-by-step through the valuable process of how to identify, evaluate, and improve patient interactions – or touchpoints. The Toolbox includes a detailed narrative of a fictional optometry practice going through all of the mapping steps, instructional videos, workshop facilitator training and tips, checklists, templates, a valuable formula and more. Follow it step-by-step or pick and choose what you apply to improve your practice. Includes an interactive tutorial on how to use the Toolbox .


…is an interactive tool for capturing mapping output.  Capture your results from mapping and evaluating current patient journey touchpoints and designing and implementing desired journey touchpoints.  The Wizard is also an invaluable tool for materials to train current and future staff on how to consistently deliver the desired touchpoints.  

This tool provides a feature where workshop facilitators input and capture the workshop output.  It captures:

  • The touchpoints of the current customer journey
  • Evaluation of the current customer journey
  • The touchpoint standards and best practices of the desired customer journey
  • The positions (the job title) of those who develop or deliver each desired state touchpoint
  • Implementation items

The Wizard also has the ability to sort the desired state touchpoints by job title. Custom output may be printed for training purposes.  Includes a video overview and user instructions, definitions and sample completed sheets.

Each tool is contained in a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, free software already on most computers. The MAPPING & TRAiNING Wizard requires Microsoft Excel.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Doanload size: 319 MB

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TOUCHPOiNT POWER! gets it right. It shows how mapping touchpoints should be used for building a consistently great Customer Experience.
-Colin Shaw
Founder & CEO, Beyond Philosophy
TOUCHPOiNT POWER! will help you build customer-centricity. Everyone that is committed to driving a service culture will learn a lot from the book.
-John Tschohl
President & Founder, Service Quality Institute; Author of Excellence Through Customer Service
We have found that Brigman’s practical approach to customer-centricity engages and empowers people throughout our organization. Apply TOUCHPOiNT POWER! to differentiate, and to enhance both customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.
-Lars A. Janson
Vice President Global Customer Experience


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